Are you tired of being told that ”eating less moving more” can solve your weight problems and your obsessions with food ?  

Here at ResolveFoodAddiction we are experts at helping people like you .

We are practicing doctors trained in food addiction counselling with a passion to support clients who struggle with weight loss issues and obsessions around food. 

We believe that weight management programs fail to achieve long lasting weight loss because they do not consider addiction to sugar and fast food addiction as the possible cause. 

However, with our innovative approach we can help you find out what lies behind your weight and eating habits and support you to achieve your goals. 

The Doctors

Dr Eva Clemente

Registered Doctor and Food Addiction Professional

Hello, I am Dr Eva Clemente with over 20 years of experience working and living in London. I graduated in Madrid, Spain in 1997 and moved to the UK 23 years ago where I completed my postgraduate training.  I have been treating people living with Diabetes and weight problems for over 12 years. During this time, I had grown frustrated with the traditional methods used to manage compulsive eating disorders and weight problems. 

After many years looking for a solution, I found the Institute of Food Addiction in Iceland where I learnt about the concept of food addiction and obtained my qualification as a Food Addiction Professional by the European Certification Board. Their successful holistic approach gave me confidence to help my clients maintain a healthy weight, free of food cravings and obsessions.

Food addiction counselling together with my medical background give me the perfect tools to take you on a life-changing journey. 

Dr Clemente works as an NHS GP and, privately, as a food addiction professional only.

Dr Raquel Delgado

Registered Doctor and Food Addiction Professional

Hi, I’m Dr Raquel Delgado, as a General Practitioner (Family Physician Doctor) I was trained to believe that eating less and moving more was the answer. Yet in 15 years of clinical practice I felt powerless to help patients with Type 2 diabetes, obesity and other weight related problems. 

In 2016, I learned that low carbohydrate, ketogenic and intermittent fasting diets could help with weight loss and managing weight related problems. But after an initial successful weight loss journey on these diets, many people were relapsing into eating fast food and high carb diets again. 

In 2019, a friend mentioned that her overeating and obesity was due to sugar addiction. It made a lot of sense to me!  Soon after I signed up to the Food Addiction Training by INFACT and became a Food Addiction Professional. 

Now, I believe that to stop the endless vicious circle of dieting, binge eating, overeating, shame and guilt we need to rule out an underlying food addiction.

Dr Delgado works as an NHS GP and, privately as a GP (with special interest in type 2 Diabetes, low carb and keto diets) and Food Addiction Professional remotely and face to face in a West London clinic.

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My experience with the plan has been very positive. I’ve experienced major changes that go far beyond the physical level. I have learned to analyse myself and to know myself better, to be able to control certain situations and to improve my relationship with food and with others. Rachel’s follow-up has been instrumental in this process:  her support and advice have motivated me at all times and she has provided me with many resources to use for myself in times of weakness. I’m very grateful for all this.

Gema, Madrid

The Resolve Food Addiction program has definitely changed my relationship with food, I no longer fall into cravings and I’m not thinking about eating continuously. It has been very easy for me to follow the meal plan always accompanied by my doctor Eva. You feel like you’re not alone in this challenge that has nothing to do with a diet. This is something different and it works.

Katrina, Las Palmas

For the past four months the Resolve Food Addiction program has been a great guide for me, it has helped me in my stumbles and also in my expectations to achieve what I have always wanted: to not depend on certain foods to cope with my feelings and my cravings. With the help of Dr. Eva, I see more clearly what I must and can eat to stay healthy, as it has given me the confidence to have the freedom of making food choices that do not negatively affect my health. I only have words of thanks for the Resolve Food Addiction team. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Guadalupe, Mexico

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