In this page we explain with more details the services Resolve Food Addiction provide.

We are Dr Eva Clemente and Dr Raquel Delgado, two family doctors based in London, we have more than 20 years of experience working in the British Health system and we are also qualified International Food Addiction Professionals.

Here are the details of each service.

Food Addiction Screening and Medical Evaluation-90 minutes £180 $200

A detailed personal and family medical history will be taken during the evaluation. Before or after conducting this evaluation, we will most likely request a recent blood test, weight and blood pressure measurements, if available.

The objective of the evaluation is, among others, to gather formation on whether there are risk factors related to diabetes, fatty liver or metabolic syndrome and what steps should be taken to minimize or eliminate these risks. It will also help us to identify if you might be suffering from any other undiagnosed medical conditions related to weight problems (mental health conditions, obstructive sleep apnoea, diabetes, musculo skeletal problems) and requiring further investigations or referral to a specialist service.

We will also look at prescribed medication or recommended medication by other practitioners and advice accordingly. Some medication might need to be reduced or stopped as you work through our program. For example, in patients with diabetes sugar levels might improve as weight loss is achieved, this will require reduction of oral or injectable medication. In this instance we will write to the prescribing physician with recommendations.

The evaluation will also allow for a more detailed meal plan and follow-up to be developed to fit your medical needs and individual circumstances, as long as you choose to follow the program’s meal plan.  

We use validated questionnaires to differentiate whether you might be suffering from an addiction to food, an eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, others) or from emotional eating. Different conditions might require different interventions hence why it is important to carry out the screening process.

It will also help us differentiate if you only need nutrition advice and support on how to achieve and maintain a satisfactory weight.

You will receive a written report with recommendations after the evaluation has been carried out by either Dr Raquel or Dr Eva.

One to One Sessions, £150, $190 per session

One to one sessions compromise once a week 1 hour consultation via Zoom. Dr Raquel Delgado is also able to offer face to face weekly sessions in West London. You will also receive support via WhatsApp from the doctor that you are working with either Dr Eva Clemente or Dr Raquel Delgado.

WhatsApp support allows you to have regular contact to address any queries or ask for help.

The first sessions will allow us to make an assessment of your food habits by asking you to complete a 7 day food diary. We will use this information to develop a nutritious individualised food plan.

We follow a food addiction counselling based on a 12 step therapeutic approach. This will allow us to start working through the reasons behind your weight and your eating habits to achieve long term recovery.

The Food Plan

The Food Plan is a very nutritious plan where the consumption of fresh real food is mostly advised. People who have worked with us are surprised at the amount and variety of food products they are advised to eat.

The plan eliminates food products that might be causing cravings, obsessions with food and desires to overeat. Eliminating trigger foods help us work with you to understand and address what lies underneath your eating behaviour and the weight issues.

The plan also regulates the appetite so you feel satiated and ready to lose weight gradually and naturally or maintained any previous weight loss.  It will also improve eating habits and behaviours such as overeating, frequent snacking or compulsive eating. 

In order to prepare an individualized abstinent food, plan you must complete a food diary.

Low carb/Keto/Intermittent Fasting- £150 $200 per session

Dr Raquel Delgado can help you to implement a low carb, keto or intermittent fasting lifestyle. This way of living can greatly help you achieve satiety, weight loss reduction and metabolic health. Many patients with type 2 diabetes have been able to get off medication or even reverse their diabetes with this approach.

Many food addiction practitioners are advocating low carb and keto as a method to control food cravings and obsessions with food.

Before you can benefit from these sessions we will recommend that you undergo a Food Addiction and Medical Evaluation with Dr Raquel Delgado, she is able to offer remote appointments and face to face consultations in West London.